Every requirement is different because every customer is different, therefore we tailor our services to your requirements. Here at Alpha Tracking Services, we are looking to develop long terms relationships with our customers, so are more than happy to discount the offering on a set minimum term rental, should you be able to commit to one.

To get your free bespoke quotation please send through an outline of your request for quotation, based on the options detailed below.

You can combine different options in the same quotation, and we will work with you to find the best price for a service that fits your needs.

3 Service Options we provide:

Option 1: Self Managed – The basic model where we provide you with a connected standalone device with a large capacity battery, and a login to our map portal. All fitting, charging and changes are up to you.

Available from €17.50 per device per month, please note a set minimum rental term applies depending on quantity as minimum spend rules apply. Short-term pricing for covering daily or weekly requirements is also available but has a surcharge to cover the minimum rule spend.

Option 2: Managed Service – The comprehensive service where you have access to the full features of the service, plus we provide, fit and maintain the trackers, including vehicle OBD trackers. We set up access to all the features of the mapping solution, including multiple alerts, routes and detailed logging information, which we will maintain weekly.

Available for €25 per device per month for a high number and/or long-term rental. Please note that any bespoke software needed for your specific needs will be at an additional charge.

Option 3: Managed Solution – We provide a full outsourced solution to your tracking needs and problems, so you don’t have to do a thing – we literally run it for you. Includes consultancy, planning, managing, and reporting. This can also include pro-actively monitoring your assets with daily updates, effectively working as part of your team. Alternatively, it may be useful to use the Managed Solution to set up your bespoke tracking requirements for complex systems, before taking it over yourself.

Available at a bespoke contract rate or day rate service for large or ongoing requirements – please specify your requirement or problem and send through as an inquiry for further details. Please note that the managed solution cost is in addition to the tracker rental options detailed above that you require to implement the system.

We hope that is enough to help you select the options that you need however don’t worry, just include any questions about anything that is unclear on the form.

Lastly, please read the T&Cs before submitting your quotation.