Welcome to Alpha Tracking Services, based in County Cork, IrelandCall +353 (0)21 2011316.

We rent tracker solutions, both for vehicles and standalone assets. We provide everything from simple security solutions to complex compliance systems, tracking against schedules, to clients such as Local Link Cork, monitoring multiple buses on highly frequency scheduled services, 24/7.

We offer a local in-person service, no mail order or automated sign up, everything is done by people.

All commercial marketplaces are catered for, such as car fleets, delivery services, agricultural equipment, commercial freight and buses/taxis. Our bespoke mapping portal has a comprehensive set of tools to help you track and manage your assets or even outsource this requirement for us to manage.

We are also offering introductory discounts in the local area if you are willing to be featured in our promotional material.

Our standard terms:

  • Comprehensive 3D mapping portal, with multiple overlays covering every type of feature you need, including full satellite photography!
  • NO charge or pricing difference for real-time updates when moving, included in all packages!
  • NO charge for additional mobile telco costs, they are all included in the price!
  • NO capital costs, just return the working equipment to us at the end and you don’t have to buy a thing!

Available at a bespoke contract rate or day rate service for large or ongoing requirements – please specify your requirement or problem and send through as an enquiry for further details. Please note that the managed solution cost is in addition to the tracker rental options detailed above that you require to implement the system.

Please visit the pricing structure page and then request a quotation, using the form in the top menu, and we will get right back to you.